Women are empowered to give birth to a new life, but sometimes they suffer because of the problems in their reproductive system.

Common problems which women may experience are bleeding problems during menses which may be excessive bleeding, painful periods, irregular bleeding, delayed periods, etc.

What is abnormal period?

Usually periods come in about 28-30 days they last for 4-5 days and without excessive bleeding or pain. When period lasts more than 7 days or cause excessive bleeding which requires frequent change of pads or menstrual cups or with passage of clots, it is called as excessive bleeding or menorrhagia. It is common presenting complaint with hormonal imbalance, fibroid, adenomyosis & uterine cancer,etc. Intermenstrual bleeding or bleeding in between your periods can be due to hormonal imbalance, fibroid, polyp or cervical cancer.

Irregular delayed cycles can be due to PCOD and hormonal imbalance. There may be excessive pain during period.

What is abnormal discharge?

Normally, there is minimal discharge you may notice through vagina. If it is excessive, staining your inner-wear, foul smelling or associated with itching, rashes, purulent or curd like, it is abnormal. It may be caused by infection or cervical erosion or cancer. The gynaecologist will evaluate for infection and provide treatment and advice pap smear test for early detection and prevention of cervical cancer.

What is prolapse?

Sometimes with age uterus & cervix move down from their normal position and can come out through vagina, called as prolapse. Prolapse may be associated with urinary problems like involuntary passage or incomplete voiding of urine or constipation. It needs evaluation and can be treated by physiotherapy & surgery.

What is infertility?

Most couple conceive in one year if they are not using any contraceptive. Couple who fail to do so require evaluation of both partners and help for conception in the form of counselling or IVF.

When to visit a gynaecologist?

If you have any of the above complaints, you should visit a gynaecologist. Even in the absence of any symptoms, periodic check up by a gynaecologist helps in early detection of any cancers like cervical, uterine, ovarian or breast cancer. Early detection helps in timely treatment and avoid major surgeries and complications.

What makes our services unique?

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