Accomplished Obstetrician with vast experience in high risk pregnancy and various gynaecological surgeries.



    Whatever the stage of a woman’s life, whether it is a teenage healthcare, pregnancy, childbirth, high risk pregnancy, gynaecological difficulties, infertility treatment or menopausal symptoms Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld takes delight in being a part of it.

    We support women with trustworthy services under the shade of our specialized and established doctors. We are the best gynecologist clinic in Kharghar, so numerous patients have faith in our gynecological facility. Dr. Anuya is skilled obstetrician and gynaecologist gets immense respect from her patients.

    When should you see a Gynecologist?

    Gynecologists recommend that women consult with them once a year beginning around the age of 15, have a thorough annual check-up starting around the age of 21, and get tested for cervical cancer periodically after that. What happens, though, if concerns start to creep in between appointments?

    Women’s healthcare requirements are developing and altering daily. Therefore, it is essential to schedule regular examinations with the best gynecologist clinic in Kharghar, even if you are in good health. If there are any issues those can be identified at Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld gynaecologist specialist doctor in Kharghar.

    Complexity and problems we excel at:

    Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld has cutting-edge knowledge to deliver the highest calibre of care in a private, comfortable, and secure setting. Diagnosis, examination, and treatments related to women’s reproductive health are our sole emphasis.

    Our gynaecological clinic offers specialist medical and surgical treatments for irregular menstrual cycles, fibroids, prolapsed uterus, tumours, infertility and other ovaries and uterus issues. Obstetrician with vast experience working with patients who have serious issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, past miscarriages, gynaecological anomalies, and other persistent illnesses are available at Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld.

    Gynaecologist clinic: Cost Effective or not?

    At Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld, we provide you with the full range of gynaecological services that a lady can require throughout her lifetime at extremely reasonable prices.


    If your period is lasting for more than 7 days or your flow is heavy with clots , requiring frequent change of pads, causing weakness, it is a heavy period.

    Pap smear is a screening test where cervical cells are studied to identify any abnormality in them. Cervical cancer takes many years to change from minor problem like cervical erosion. Most of the times, there are no symptoms. Simple check up and pap smear can detect minor abnormality when present can be treated early which prevents cervical cancer. If cervical cancer is present, it can be detected and treated.

    You and the doctor might just talk to each other on your initial visit. Additionally, this will establish a timetable for your subsequent appointments and provide medical guidance on how to keep healthy and, if necessary, take safeguards. The doctor may interview you in great detail about your health and medical conditions to better comprehend your situation. A thorough general check up and internal check up will be done for diagnosis and treatment.