Accomplished Obstetrician with vast experience in high risk pregnancy and various gynaecological surgeries.


    Although it might be exciting and intimidating, giving birth to a baby is a wonderful event. You no longer need to succumb to your anxieties since Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld is by your side. Your entire maternity needs can be satisfied by Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld.

    Place your faith in us at anxious times. Throughout the magical process of bringing a healthy, gurgling baby into the world, our skilled and knowledgeable Doctors and team will help you.

    For more than fourteen years, Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld has successfully delivered healthy babies into the arms of ecstatic parents all around the nation. It is the best maternity hospital in Kharghar, specializing in high-risk pregnancies and serious patients.

    Which is the best time to choose a maternity hospital?

    When choosing a hospital, it is important to consider the effectiveness of the personnel, the setting and amenities offered, and the qualifications of the hospital’s affiliated physicians and medical professionals. Although it’s never too early to start planning for your delivery, most women wait until their pregnancy is officially confirmed before beginning their search for a doctor and hospital.

    While it is acceptable to switch doctors in the middle of a pregnancy, it is preferable to start looking for the doctor you want to deliver your baby and the ideal facility and personnel early on. Earlier you visit the doctor, better the understanding about pregnancy to doctor as well as better care can be obtained from beginning. Many women change the place for delivery as tradition to deliver at mother’s place, you can start consulting the doctor with whom you want to deliver by 5-6 th month.

    Prenatal care specialists and the best pregnancy care are available on Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld. The top maternity hospital in Kharghar, Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld, will prevent you from ever feeling like you are away from home.

    Complexity and problems we excel at:

    Since they are experts in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld, a prominent maternity hospital in Kharghar, has experienced doctor to provide excellent care and desired outcome of heathly mother and the baby.

    Why are our services better than others?

    The best prenatal care is available to you at Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld, along with safe delivery and, of course, postpartum care. You and your child are important to Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld.

    We consider having a kid to be the greatest gift in life and being pregnant is one of the most romantic experiences one can have. You should enjoy in every day of this voyage. Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld ensures you have a healthy and happy pregnancy and also takes care of that.


    It is better to visit obstetrician and gynecologist atleast 3-4 months prior to planning pregnancy. If not consulted previously, on missing period for first month, you should consult for pregnancy care.
    Yes , ofcourse. You should exercise during pregnancy to remain active, avoiding complications and better delivery experience. Regular exercise int the form of walk, yoga ,etc would help to prevent complications such as diabetes during pregnancy and help you to deliver vaginally efficiently.