Accomplished Obstetrician with vast experience in high risk pregnancy and various gynaecological surgeries.


    How do you feel about getting pregnant? Are you worried or unsure? There are ways to solve your uncertainty at Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld, the best pre-conceptional counselling clinic in Kharghar.

    Before you get pregnant, taking good care of your health will help you identify any risk factors and care for any health issues. Choosing healthy options will aid both you and your unborn child.

    Preconception counselling: when and why?

    Women can plan a preconception counselling visit three to six months before trying to conceive. The objectives include finding and treating any medical conditions and becoming as healthy as possible before becoming pregnant. Our obstetrician has years of expertise in assisting women in achieving optimal health before pregnancy.

    We at Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld work to identify and treat all gynaecological and reproductive health issues that a woman could have throughout her lifetime. We take the lead in offering care that helps to achieve pregnancy, labour and delivery without any difficulties, all while preserving the moms’ dignity and giving them our complete and ongoing support.

    Counselling for Preconception: Issues and Complexity we excel at

    Preconception Counseling aims to decrease the likelihood of poor perinatal outcomes by promoting and educating about health, assessing risks, and intervening before pregnancy.

    Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld our expert helps to diagnose and treat pre-pregnancy conditions which can adversely affect pregnancy and helps her for her joyous journey of pregnancy and delivery.

    What makes our services superior to others?

    Dr. Anuya’s Gynoworld, the top pre-conceptional counselling clinic in Kharghar, offers the best service. While protecting their privacy, we give patients the best care possible. To all of the patients, our staff is extremely courteous and welcoming. We can support patients in achieving energy and excellent health at every stage. Our goal is to offer ladies the most efficient and secure care possible. We pledge to treat you with the utmost care and trust.


    At 35 years and above pregnancy is challenging. You may experience difficulty to get pregnant, higher chances of miscarriage, higher chances of chromosomal abnormality in the baby, higher overall complications during pregnancy. With expert care you can enjoy your journey of motherhood.

    After miscarriage, it is advised to avoid pregnancy for first 3 months. Adter that you can plan for it. If you had 2 spontaneous abortions, it is better to obtain expert advise before planning for next pregnancy.

    After a year of attempting to conceive, you are said to be infertile if you cannot become pregnant. Endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and thyroid problems are a few examples of female infertility causes. Low testosterone or sperm counts may be seen in men with fertility issues.