Before you get pregnant, taking good care of your health will help you identify any risk factors and care for any health issues. Choosing healthy options will aid both you and your unborn child.

Pre-conceptional counselling: when and why?

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases of womanhood. It is important to start pregnancy in good health and good care during pregnancy is necessary to ensure the desired outcome of a Healthy Mother and a Healthy Baby!!!

It is better to visit to visit a gynaecologist 3-4 months prior you start trying for pregnancy. The doctor will evaluate you and advise some tests, that will help to identify, treat or optimize any medical problems before you conceive so as to start your pregnancy in optimal health.

Optimisation of some medical conditions is essential before planning a pregnancy as:

  • Some preexisting medical conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid disorders, etc may adversely affect the pregnancy.
  • Thyroid disorder specially uncontrolled hypothyroidism, can lead to miscarriage or mental abnormalities in the baby which is preventable by adequate treatment before and during pregnancy.
  • Hypertension can get aggravated during pregnancy, which can lead to life threatening complications like convulsion, excessive bleeding, etc.
  • Diabetes if uncontrolled before or during pregnancy increases the risk for miscarriage, hypertension, large baby or increase in water around the baby(liquor), or may lead to growth restriction in the baby and chances of sudden death of baby in utero. Balanced diet, frequent self glucose monitoring, regular check up and record of baby’s kick count by mother prevents mishaps.
  • There are heart diseases which may be asymptomatic before pregnancy like problems in heart valves which complicate pregnancy by increasing risk of heart failure.

Apart from above common conditions, there are other medical conditions like epilepsy, TB, etc which may be present and need optimization of medications.. There are some medicines which are contraindicated in pregnancy such as few anti-hypertensives, anti-epileptics, anti-depressants, blood thinners, etc as the can cause defects in the baby. So those need to changed to drugs that are safe during pregnancy.

Some women are at increased risk of developing complications such as diabetes, hypertension, miscarriage, sudden bleeding during pregnancy, excessive bleeding post delivery, etc.

The gynaecologist helps to identify all these risks and optimize your health and expert care during pregnancy helps to achieve the desired goal of healthy mother and healthy baby.

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