Family planning means planning, spacing and at times preventing unwanted pregnancy. Such planning may be achieved by various ways which may be natural methods or with the help of modern contraceptives. Although natural methods have been used since ages, the chances of failure of these methods are very high. Consequently, many patients seek unsafe abortion for termination of unwanted pregnancy risking the life of the woman. Thus, it is very important that all men and women should be aware of modern contraceptives.

Modern contraceptives can be broadly divided into female and male and include temporary or permanent methods.

What are female contraceptives?

Contraceptives used by a woman are called female contraceptives. Permanent method is to ligate the fallopian tubes commonly known as nasbandi for who have completed their family. It is an operation where fallopian tubes (the tube connecting to uterus to ovary where fertilization takes place). It can be done by laparoscopically or open technique.

There are various temporary methods like copper T (commonly known as Tambi), oral contraceptive pills (commonly known as pills), injections, vaginal rings, female condoms, etc.

Copper T is highly effective to prevent pregnancy along with advantage that once inserted, can work for 2-10 years depending upon which copper T is used. Some may experience heavy period which usually last for first few months and can be managed by medication easily. It should be inserted by an experienced doctor as improper insertion can cause complications.

Oral pills are also highly effective to prevent pregnancy and also have various advancages like reduced bleeding during periods, better hormonal balance, weight loss, reduced acne, etc. Only drawback is that it need to be taken daily and do not provide protection against STD.

Injections are available for which can be taken 3 monthly, side effect is pain due to injections, irregular spotting.

Female condoms are also available which need to be used every time . The main advantage is protection against STDs.

Emergency contraceptives such as I pill are also available, but it should be only used in case of emergency because it disrupts the hormonal balance and failure rate is very high.

What are male contraceptives?

Male contraceptives are of two types, permanent (commonly known as nasbandi) and temporary like condoms and pills.

Vasectomy (purush nasbandi) is less complicated than female permanent sterilization and is day care procedure.

Condoms are most frequently used method as simple, easily available and commonly used. But it has failure rate of about 10% and should be used every time without fail. The main advantage is prevention against STDs.

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